Curatorial Projects

During the time between 17th February and 17th April in 2012, L’Orangerie has proceeded to execute a pilot exhibition entitled ‘The Bulgari 125 years of Italian Magnificent’ and ‘Aurora Museum Collection Preview Exhibition' for the pre-operation of Aurora Art Museum in Shanghai, China. To perfectly present the abovementioned exhibition, L’Orangerie assigned its professional team to work on the art administrative matters, including educational training of museum staff before the opening, marketing (the strategy of public relations and mass media), and on-site management and operation. This highly-exposed exhibition showed for 54 days, attracted about 80,000 viewers, and reported 280 times on mass media (containing TV programme, newspaper, magazine, internet, and so on.).

2013 / Majestic Island-The Development of Modern Art in Taiwan(1911-2011)/ Beijing & Shanghai, China
2012 / Aurora Museum-The Bulgari 125 years of Italian Magnificent and Aurora Museum Collection Preview Exhibition/ Shanghai City, China
2010 / Bon Chic, Bon Craft: The Exhibition of Cultural Creative Industries of Taiwan and Thailand. / Nantou County
2007 / National Taiwan Craft Institute - New Craft Paradise / Nantou County
2007 / The Cultural Taiwan Exhibition Presidential Office Building / Taipei City
2006 / Verner Panton: The Collected Works (Vitra Design Museum, Taichung Creative and Cultural Park) / Taichung City
2006 / Wandering in the Blooming Vernicia Installation Art Exhibition / New Taipei City
2005 / Chiayi County Cultural Affairs Department’s Art as Environment - Cultural Action on the Tropic of Cancer / Chiayi County
2005 / From the Forgotten Deserts: Centuries of Dazzling Dunhuang Art (Dunhuang Academy China, National Museum of History, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts) / Taipei City, Kaohsiung City
2003 / Golden Age of Artistic Elegance / Taipei City
2002 / Blazing Phoenix: Council for Cultural Affair’s Re-Construction of Daily Culture After the 921 Earthquake Special Exhibition / Taipei City
2001 / La Mésopotamie – Entre le Tigre et I’Euphrate (Louvre Museum, National Museum of History) / Taipei City
2000 / Buddhism Eastward 2000 (Fo Guan Yuan Art Gallery) / Kaoshiung City
1999 / International Ecology Photography Exhibition (National Museum of Natural Science) / Taichung City
1999 / Bologna Illustrators of Children’s Books Exhibition (Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall) / Taipei City